2021 Application Level Data Protection Survey

Learn how organizations view the concerns, challenges and strategies related to protecting data in use

As the amount of data collected and stored by organizations continues to accelerate, most organizations struggle in one important area: protecting data at the application level. A recent survey of 600 information technology professionals revealed that, while most plan to enhance their data security, numerous misperceptions and complexities stand in the way of implementing a data security strategy that properly protects data-in-use.

To learn more, download the summary of findings from our 2021 Application Level Data Protection Survey, conducted by a third party researcher and published in partnership with PrimeFactors, a leading provider of application-level data protection. You will learn why misunderstandings related to data security approaches can leave sensitive information unprotected while it is in use.


Summary of Findings: Application Level Data Protection Survey


This brief presentation highlights the importance of encryption, tokenization, and masking as vital tools for a comprehensive enterprise data security program. The session describes how Prime Factors' EncryptRIGHT simplifies application level data protection with an Entrust nShield hardware security module (HSM) root of trust.


Prime Factors EncryptRIGHT data protection software enables users to easily deploy encryption and tokenization, protecting data at the file, database, or application level. EncryptRIGHT can be deployed on a range of platforms from PCs to mainframes and can span multiple data protection requirements simultaneously. EncryptRIGHT creates hardware master keys (HMKs) in Entrust nShield HSMs and uses them to protect data keys. New key values are exported from the nShield HSM as HMK-encrypted values for storage in the EncryptRIGHT key database.